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Today, more and more people want a service to give thanks for the life of the deceased as well as being able to say “farewell” appropriately. 

Each Funeral Service is unique and that is why I visit the family to get information about the deceased and what would be appropriate. I take extensive notes, so that if you want me to deliver a eulogy I can include all that you need. 
I am able to provide a religious or civil ceremony, or a mixture of both, so we can include prayers, hymns, poems, secular music, and of course others can contribute if they wish to do so. 
There is no “set rules” and so in close collaboration with family and friends, I can create a bespoke service honouring memories and celebrating life. 
I normally wear a suit, shirt and tie, but I can wear a clerical collar or full robes, and again that is the choice of the family. Some elderly people just don’t feel the service is “proper” if they see a clerical collar “up the front”, whilst others are put off, and it is inappropriate. 
I am also a qualified bereavement counsellor and if you want some support after the service I am happy to provide that. 
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